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An idea, from Brent Copeland

Hello!   I am brent copeland.  You should follow me on twitter: @brentcopeland

I bet you are wondering what this site is all about, and maybe even why it is here.  Well, that is what I’m going to try to explain.

I’ve seen a few things lately that were requiring a SASE or just to mail someone requesting some item.  The laziness took over in me, and the envelope is still sitting on my desk.  I don’t have stamps, and I don’t want to buy a booklet of them, and I don’t want to go to the store or post office to do it, and I don’t want to subscribe to some service.  It’s all bloated and just a bit silly in this modern age to mail something.  Not to mention, do I even have envelopes somewhere?

I thought, you know, I would pay for this.  If only they would let me send them a few bucks to get this same item.  It’s worth it.  Why don’t they let me do that?  Probably because it’s not worth it to them.  The time and energy to do the same in reverse.  If you buy it from them, they have to take your money and put it somewhere (that’s the fun part).  Then they have to find their own envelope and stamps and then send it to you.  It’s a hassle, and either you make enough for the hassle to be worth it, or you get someone to send you an envelope with all the work done for you.

So, in steps me.  I don’t mind filling out envelopes and putting stamps on them.  And here we have it.  Stampendo!  The site that will end the need for stamps (we’ll see!).  It is  new.  It would be called a beta if it were software.  Maybe even an alpha.

Currently my thought is $2 is enough to cover 2 envelopes and the stamps to send both ways, and some pennies for my time.  I may be wrong about that. So the prices may change.  My thought is maybe selling credits, with the more you buy at one time, the cheaper they will be.  This would help with the paypal fees.  Did I mention paypal?  They are going to take way to much for each $2 purchase.

So, please bare with us as we figure this out.  Feel free to send us ideas.  Or if you know a cool SASE item that we can add, please just let us know!


Brent, el Capitan